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Holsters for the Ruger SR9

Posted by 5593907a on September 27, 2008

Introduced by Ruger in October 2007, the SR9 was Ruger’s first attempt at a striker fired pistol. It was designed for civilian carry, self defense, and law enforcement use. With this striker fired design, the SR9 has a pre-set trigger similar to a Glock, where the striker is partially cocked during the reloading cycle, and then fully cocked when the trigger is pulled. Like the popular Ruger P90 series, the SR9 features a fiberglass reinforced frame that is very rigid and resists the flex that usually occurs as the weapon is fired. The SR9 has a steel slide that is available in a brushed or black finish.

A new feature for Ruger, the SR9 has a removable and interchangeable backstrap system that allows the shooter to adjust the size of the grip. This model also features a picatinny rail for mounting lasers and flashlights, along with an ambidextrous manual safety, loaded chamber indicator and striker indicator.

Like many Ruger pistols, the SR9 has a magazine disconnect, so the weapon cannot fire without the magazine in place. Ruger has also noted that if the SR9 is dry fired without the magazine in the gun, it will cause unnecessary wear to the striker block. Should you not like the magazine disconnect feature, it can be deactivated by removing the disconnect link.

Ruger discovered a possible problem where the SR9 could potentially fire if dropped while the manual safety was off, so they initiated a recall in April of 2008. Ruger has designed a new trigger group that eliminates that problem and will most likely be retrofitting most all SR9 models.

As the SR9 has become more popular, more and more holster makers are now producing models for the weapon. In terms of styles, holster makers are doing most every holster style including belt holsters, IWB holsters, and shoulder holsters. Due the the overall size of the SR9, it’s best suited for outside the waistband carry, although IWB is a possibility as well.

Ruger SR9 Holsters

Concealed Carry Holsters

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  1. derrick said

    would like particular name brand iwb holsters for the sr9

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