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Holsters For The Taurus Judge

Posted by 5593907a on November 24, 2008

Introduced by Taurus in February of 2007, the new Judge handgun has gained quite a following in the handgunning marketplace. Capable of shooting either a .410 shotshell or a .45 Long Colt pistol cartridge, it combines the short range effectiveness of a shotgun with the knockdown power of a centerfire pistol cartridge. Interestingly enough, the “Judge” namesake was derived from the legend that a number of courtroom judges carried a .410 caliber two shot derringer for self defense while in court.

While not extremely small, the Judge is small enough to carry in a concealed manner and makes a great self defense weapon. A face full of .410 pellets at close range will certainly dissuade most any would be attacker that they need to move along. The main issue that Judge owners are facing right now involves the lack of gun holsters that are currently available for the Judge. Truth is, there aren’t that many on the market today. Holster makers generally build holsters off of aluminum guns that are exact duplicates of the real weapon. These duplicates are usually called blanks or molds. Unfortunately, it takes aluminum mold companies some time to acquire a real weapon to mold off of, and then the molding process itself way take several weeks as it’s done with precision CAD machinery.

In many cases, until the gun molds are available for holster companies, many leather makers will try to find a comparably sized existing handgun that will crossfit with the new handgun on the market. Unfortunately, the Judge is so unique dimensionally, that a crossfit doesn’t exist. Add the fact that Taurus recently introduced a longer barreled version that will accept 3″ .410 magnum shells, and crossfitting really becomes a problem.

However, if you currently own a Judge holster and are still searching for a holster, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel for you. A select few custom holster makers are utilizing a real Judge handgun so they can start producing holsters for it. There aren’t that many, but a few do exist. I’m sure that mainstream holster makers will soon adopt the Judge, but, until then; you’ll probably need to settle for a custom holster.

For more information on these holsters, follow this link:=> Taurus Judge Holster.


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